A film by Gareth Jones

"Desire is the risk we take to discover what's real..."

Editor Tony Sebastian Ukpo

Multitalented Nigerian-born writer and director Tony Ukpo recently completed comedy short No Smoking in the Waiting Area (2009). His previous short film Les Mémoires d'un temps passé, was screened in the art4lux, third edition (2007) of European Forum for emerging creation in Luxembourg and was previously shortlisted for the FIPA in Biarrtiz (2007).

Tony trained at the prestigious London Film School., before which he had written and directed numerous short and experimental films after writing comics and short stories as well as writing for theatre.

His first short film Insomnia: A night in the life of an insomniac was screened at a Cambridge arts and media showcase in 2000. In December 2007 he was involved in a short documentary film made with several other filmmakers for the European commission in association with the French Institute in London, and was co-director of the segment North.